Out and about with baby in London – my personal top ten tipps

First of all, a disclaimer: I am not one of those mums who are always perfectly organised, who never run out of nappies on the go or who are able to follow a perfect routine. So these top tipps come from the perspective of a mum who is easy going and happy even if things don’t go 100% to plan.

My baby is now almost three months old, so I am intrigued to learn from my readers what I should take with me later on when going to the city, but these are the ten key things that helped us on our central London outings with a baby under three months old:

  1. Definitely take a baby carrier with you. If you don’t like your current one, invest in another one. There is no excuse to have an uncomfortable baby carrier.
  2. Unless it is a very hot day, take a jumper with you. When you need to put her down for a second, just take the jumper off and lay your baby on it. Also, by warming her up and putting the jumper over her while she rested in the sling, she fell a sleep and I have been able to enjoy a presentation or lecture in peace and quiet.
  3. Minimise your luggage by using the smallest changing mat you can find.
  4. Ask. For. Help. Yes, even as a feminist, I always ask strong looking men for help with my pram because I am still very very cautious with those huge gaps at some stations.
  5. Get water refilled on the go: I ask for free refills at restaurants for my drinking water, even if I have not eaten there. The explanation that I am thirsty because I am breastfeeding always yields a friendly smile and a quick free refill.
  6. This will be obvious for any seasoned mum, but I learnt it the hard way: do follow your mother’s advice and take three changes of baby clothes and maybe even an emergency T-Shirt for you. There will be poo and vomit spills.
  7. My biggest learning point: plan maximum one outing per day to be able to enjoy it, e.g. just one museum, and take it slow.
  8. Wait out the rush hour if you can: if you forgot time enjoying yourself on an outing and you find it is already 5.30, if possible allow yourself to take a later train, maybe after 6.45. Travelling at rush hour is possible with a baby, but trying to miss rush hour is a good reason to treat yourself to dinner in your favourite place.
  9. Walk as much as possible: more hassle free for you and baby.
  10. If it is pouring it down, don’t forget the sun hat for baby, if it is beautiful weather, make sure to bring your umbrella. This is Britain, and the weather will change!


Your advice: what is your must-take travel item with baby in London?

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