British Museum with Baby

The British Museum is my absolute favourite Museum in London. I love the grandeur and history of showy items like the Rapa Nui Easter Island statue and the depth of history of the small items you best discover in the short free daily tours.

Practicalities: if you come via the main entrance, there is an elevator outside to the museum on each side of the big steps. The elevator only moves if you make sure the door is definitely closed, and you need to keep the button pressed. There is a spacious and easily accessible baby changing area on the ground floor.

Baby friendliness indicator: ***** I found staff at the courtyard cafe exceptionally helpful, i.e. when I approached them with an empty water bottle and they saw I had a little baby, I did not even have to ask them to fill the bottle, they offered immediately to fill it. If you have older children, they have lots of free events for families, for example a chance to take fun family pictures with museum artifacts on 10 July.

Tipps on how to make the most of the trip: Join the short but informative tours: every half hour or so until 16.45, there are short free tours of the galleries so if your baby starts screaming you don’t have to worry about wasted money. Go to galleries with lots of colour and gold, e.g. the Egyptians to keep your baby entertained.

You can also join a free object handling session every day between 10 and 4pm. It  might be fun for your baby too if they let baby handle objects!

I joined as a member and I absolutely love it: free storage of luggage and prams, free entrance to exhibitions and it is £82 for a joint membership with my partner. My favourite thing are the members’ evenings: at the Chinese members’ evening for example the whole museum transforms into a Chinese discovery palace with free chinese tea tastings, chinese music, storytelling and more.

How to get there: if you have a pram about 30 minutes walking slowly with a pram from Chairing Cross train station or walk from Euston for about 20 minutes. If you don’t require lifts, Tottenham Court Road and Russell Square are closest.


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